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3D printing has become more important in recent decades. 3D printing allows three dimensional renderings to be realized as physical objects with the use of a printer. It has revolutionized prototyping and found applications in many non-medical fields. In medicine, the technology has applications in orthopedics, spinal surgery, maxillofacial surgery, neurosurgery, and cardiac surgery, among various other disciplines.

Doctors mostly work with two-dimensional X-ray images or two-dimensional images obtained from computed tomography (CT) or magnetic resonance (MR) scans to gain insight into pathologies. This requires excellent visualization skills from the surgeon. The recent emergence of three-dimensional renderings of CT, MR, plain radiography, and echo imagery has improved visualization of complex pathologies but lacks tactile qualities.

3D-printed objects can be used to study complex cases, to practice procedures, and to teach students and patients. Furthermore, some current surgical procedures are complex and require guidance to avoid damaging essential parts of the body, or to obtain an acceptable aesthetic outcome. In some cases, this guidance requires substantial amounts of ionizing radiation and can heavily increase surgical time. Additionally, anatomical defects can require custom prosthetic to repair damage as accurately as possible.

The need for improved visualization and surgical outcomes has given rise to 3D-printed anatomical models, patient-specific guides, and 3D-printed prosthetic / implants. The growing surgical applications of 3D printing is very likely to become the norm in the coming years.


At Supercraft3D® we are working on multiple additive manufacturing technologies to be able to offer state of the art services to the medical fraternity. We are the largest ‘medical only’ focused 3D printing service bureau in this part of Asia. Our products and services meet the highest standards of quality.

Our entire production floor meets pharmaceutical levels of cleanliness and each of our products go through high degree of sterilization. All our products are manufactured using medical grade material from suppliers that are certified by FDA / CE agencies. Each of these products follow stringent traceability standards.

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