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Supercraft3D is a Singapore head quartered Additive Manufacturing service bureau with focus on Healthcare and Medical applications. 

With angel funding the company became operational in September 2016 with offices in Singapore and Bangalore, India. Currently the company is focused in providing medical models for variety of end users such as surgeons, educational institutes, patients undergoing CMF procedures, diagnostic centers among others, which helps in precise planning of surgical procedures. 

The company is extensively involved with medical institutions in both Singapore & India in exploring new materials that could mimic tissue and flesh features to overcome the limitations of current cadaver based learning.  In addition we work with some of the globally recognized institutions in metal 3D printing for regulatory approved implants and medical devices. 

Who Are We



We can mimick nature's designs by adopting 3D-Printing in every aspect


Takes wishful thinking of the guy on the left and makes them into reality 


Ensures both guys on the left don't lose focus

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